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How many guests can Red Barn Events accommodate?

100 guests maximum inside the barn, we can accommodate up to 300 guests outdoors. 


What services does the rental fee include?

Our rental fee includes the use of the barn and all landscaped yard.  The use of tables and chairs are also included.  


Can I come the day before to set up/do a rehearsal?

Our event rental includes 12 hours of time.  For a half day, 6 hours of time.  Each situation is different and we will do everything we can to accommodate our guests. There are times, however, when tight scheduling prohibits special accommodation.   Special check in/check out times are subject to availability.  If you'd like to guarantee use the day before, please book and pay for both days. 


Are there any limitations to decorations?

Red Barn Events is beautiful inside and out.  Decorations that require hot glue, nails, tacks, staples, tape or other adhesives are prohibited.  Please do not adhere any item to the permanent structure of the barn. Candles & open flames are also prohibited. 


What is your alcohol policy?

Alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender with a caterer's license.  If alcohol will be served, we require a fully refundable damage deposit of $350.00. 


What is your smoking policy?

Smoking allowed only in a designated area that is adjacent to the parking lot.


What about parking?

Red Barn Events has plenty of parking for your guests. 


Can we celebrate with rice, bubbles, flower petals, candles and/or fireworks?

We welcome bubbles!  Flower petals may be used but will need to be swept up before the end of the event. Glitter, candles, birdseed, and rice are not allowed. 


Clean up?

Sweep floors, empty all trash cans and place bags in the dumpster, wipe down all countertops and wipe out sinks with disinfecting wipes and please shut off all lights.  We will do all of the deep cleaning for you!



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